Inspirace je silou, která probouzí touhu po vlastní dokonalosti...
Inspirace je silou, která probouzí touhu po vlastní dokonalosti...


The air Nomads‘ thinking and instruction became important over the almost every other countries, like the Flame Nation

The air Nomads‘ thinking and instruction became important over the almost every other countries, like the Flame Nation

Such as for instance a romance culminated about Flame & Air Cardio out of Reading opening about Fire Country, in which Heavens Nomad teachings could well be learned because of the Flames Country owners, a place that was in the course of time supported by all temples

Responding toward Air Nomads turning to others around three regions, a beneficial renegade purchase referred to as Guiding Breeze emerged, led of the common philosopher Khandro. The fresh At the rear of Cinch debated your Air Nomads‘ this new relationship with new nobility and you can rich elite of your most other regions got hampered the brand new religious growth of someone around the all the places. That it stimulated a inner discussion among Air Nomads, as much regarding temples was grateful to help aside most other places whenever Avatar Roku required assistance. Grasp Youdron, a key Senior and affiliate among Air Nomads, approved one to handling elites was must offer as often help because they could for the rest of the globe. The Guiding Cinch performed trigger a greater inner discourse to your whether or not to turn inward or to boost the remaining portion of the globe, and you will the main pressure involved whether or not the Sky Nomads is always to embrace individuals who had a number of economic success, or refuse all of them entirely, once the dealing with other countries designed along with coping with those individuals hesitant to help you cede stamina otherwise riches.

A lot of it was considering the service of your Flame Country nobility. Yet not, the development are an excellent divisive topic, and the Powering Wind spoke aside up against their build, requiring a cure for Air Nomad association toward ruling categories. Brand new At the rear of Piece of cake sabotaged build into multiple occasions into the protest, and you may Flame Lord Sozin captured the center throughout the nobility, entrenching his military shield to safeguard the local people. Neither new At the rear of Wind, nor Sozin, had any intentions off leaving. Stress were made stronger by the proven fact that Sozin’s sis, Princess Zeisan, intended to renounce her money and titles to participate the newest Guiding Wind, and you will advised a political wedding so you’re able to Khandro. Sozin nearly cannot control their frustration, and began to view the Guiding Cinch as the a danger in order to his stamina. Khandro started initially to pay attention to reports out of violent serves allegedly perpetrated by members of the fresh new Guiding Wind along side Fire Nation, and speculated in case the Fire Lord may have been in control.

At the same time, this new East Sky Forehead performed absolutely nothing to stop miners regarding the Environment Kingdom who strip-mined the newest hills in your community to pay for infrastruture projects. Which lead to an enormous soul called the Brick Dreamer becoming awakened by the miners disrupting its domestic, to your East Elders debating just how if they should make area of the heart, and/or individuals it was centering on.

Roku’s successor, Avatar Aang, was raised at that temple and you may are mentored underneath the custody regarding Gyatso, that has since end up being good monk. The atmosphere Nomads stayed mobile within his youngsters.

Near extinction [ ]

12 many years following the passing of Avatar Roku, Flames Lord Sozin utilized an excellent comet, later on named Sozin’s Comet, to compliment their armies‘ firebending results to eliminate the atmosphere Nomads, the second nation regarding the Avatar Period, to attain his aim of world control. The latest highest monks forecast a conflict upcoming in addition to Council off Elders of your own South Heavens Forehead chose to explain to Aang his name since Avatar prematurely in the many years a dozen than it is on standard 16. Their airbending education is then intensified even after currently that have won their expertise tattoos. The new revelation made Aang believe that his teens is removed of him and everybody instantly handled your differently. If the monks attempted to separate Aang away from his learn and you will father-contour, Gyatso, to accomplish their airbending knowledge in the Eastern Sky Temple, Aang, which have overheard the fresh new discussion, ran out to the their bison, Appa. It occur to got involved within the a storm and you will crashed at ocean. When you are sinking, Aang unconsciously entered the latest Avatar Condition, freezing themselves and Appa inside a world out-of ice, and therefore leftover him real time for another century. At the same time, the fresh new Fire Nation assaulted the new temples in the good preemptive hit and you may exterminated the latest airbending population, despite the fact that didn’t find new Avatar. Certain Heavens Nomads managed to escape the first carnage, however they was hunted down, by the end of Sozin’s reign, air Nomads were considered to be extinct.

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