Inspirace je silou, která probouzí touhu po vlastní dokonalosti...
Inspirace je silou, která probouzí touhu po vlastní dokonalosti...


Skip silenzio m seelentz-yo silence simile seemeelay equivalent simpatico sweet sinagoga f synagogue sincero seenchairo sincere, honest singhiozzo meters seeng-yotzo

Skip silenzio m seelentz-yo silence simile seemeelay equivalent simpatico sweet sinagoga f synagogue sincero seenchairo sincere, honest singhiozzo meters seeng-yotzo

oneself; on their own sebbene seb-baynay regardless if sec. (secolo) century seccante sek-kantay annoying secchiello meters sek-yel-lo container secchio yards sek-yo bucket secco dry secolo meters saykolo century seconda f next (gear) seconda classe f klas-say

release/showing secondo m 2nd secondo speed meters last half sedere meters saydairay base (out-of individual) sedersi to sit down sedia f sayd-ya chair sedia an effective rotelle rotel-place

segreto segrayto miracle seguire segweeray to adhere to segua saygwa realize sei say you are sei say six selezionare il numero

to come, straight with the seno yards sayno breast sensato practical sensibile senseebeelay delicate senso: di buon senso bwon senso dell’umorismo meters del-

separato separate sera f saira night alle 8 di demeure on 8 p.yards. la/di sera later in the day serbatoio yards sairbatoy-o container serio sair-yo severe sul serio sool certainly; extremely serpente yards sairpentay serpent serratura f lock servire sairveeray to help you serve servitevi assist yourselves serviti assist your self au moment ou serva let yourself servire freddo serve cool servizi sairveetzee toilets, rest

Sep settimana f times alla settimana each week due settimane doo-ay setteemanay week or two settimo m 7th sfacciato sfachato cheeky sfinito sick sfortunatamente sfortoonatamentay sadly sgabello m zgabel-lo feces sgarbato zgarbato impolite sgradevole zgradayvolay

traveler ferry sessanta sixty sessista sexist sesso meters sex sesto meters 6th seta f sayta cotton sete: avere sete avairay saytay

si look for sure siamo we are siccome search-komay while the, given that sicuro safe; yes siete s-yaytay you’re sigaretta f cigarette smoking sigaro meters cigar Sigg. (signori) Messrs sigillare seejeel-laray to help you secure significare viewed-yeefeekaray in order to

hiccups sinistra f seeneestra left a beneficial sinistra towards the/to the left siringa f syringe sito net yards seeto site s.l.m. (sul livello del mare)

smettere zmet-tairay to stop sms meters parece-state em-may es-say text message snello znel-lo narrow very: low (lo) and so i have no idea sobborghi mpl sob-borgee

sognare son-yaray to help you dream sogno yards young buck-yo fantasy soldi mpl soldee money sole yards solay sunshine soleggiato solej-jato warm solito soleeto common di solito usually sollevare sol-levaray so you can elevator solo alone; merely solamente il sabato/la domenica

enabled to own… sosta vietata no parking sostenere sostenairay to keep; to uphold sottile sot-teelay narrow sotto not as much as; less than di sotto downstairs sottolineare sot-toleenay-aray so you can

It is worth rooting from regional speciality, even in metropolitan centres: Turin is recognized for the chocolate, Florence getting fabric products, Perugia to own ceramics

supplementary road Spagna f span-ya Spain spagnolo meters duration-yolo, spagnola f Spaniard; Foreign language spago m sequence spalla f shoulder sparare spararay to help you capture sparire spareeray to drop off sparisci! spareeshee get lost! spartirsi to express spaventoso spaventozo

skills, professions Traveling tip in rural areas you could potentially constantly collect basketware, regional terracotta or ceramic points in addition to a banquet of in your community lead wines, olive oils, cheeses, hams and you can salamis.

safety pin spillo m pin spina f connect (electrical); thorn spingere speenjairay to operate a vehicle spiritoso speereetozo amusing spogliarsi spol-yarsee so you’re able to strip down spogliatoi mpl spol-yatoy

be located; to stay, to stay; to match stare bene baynay as really stare poco bene are sick beginner m choke statale statalay federal; county condition: become state? komay statay

avoid sport invernali mpl skiing sposato partnered spugna f scoop-ya sponge spuntata f thin spuntino meters treat squadra f skwadra people squalo m skwalo shark SS (strada statale) f fundamental highway,

stadio meters stad-yo arena stagione f stajonay year stagno m stan-yo pool stagnola f stan-yola gold foil stai: already been stai? komay sty exactly how

stato yards state; started statua f statwa statue stazione f statz-yonay route stazione degli autobus daylyee owtoboos bus route stazione della metropolitana underground route, (US)

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